The End of Days

Empowered Last DaysI found this image this morning and realized it was perfect for The Empowered. A city-scape overgrown with vines.

It perfectly captures Mathilda’s power and how it can affect the world, both literally and symbolically, a very fitting visual metaphor for her role in this alternate world, where the “Missiles of September” (rather than our October) led to a brief nuclear war, devastating for much of Europe and China, which altered the course of human events. A world out of touch with its nature.

Welcome to my author site

I’ve had my full name as a domain name since 2010, and been blogging there since 2011. The original site had been a writer’s blog, with links to some of my short stories, a few interviews with other writers, and some libraryland posts.

In mid-2013, at Kij Johnson’s fantastic novel writing workshop in Lawrence, Kansas, I discovered my site had been hacked. I was forced to delete the old database and build a new version. The 2013 version continued as a writer’s blog, with me writing about attending Kij’s workshop, but also blogging about attending more comic cons, super hero shows, etc.

This year I’ve been working steadily on my first novel series, The Empowered (currently I’m in the middle of drafting books 2, Traitor) and have been planning on relaunching the website. The time has finally come. I switched webhosts, and decided for a clean relaunch, with all fresh content, focusing on keeping readers up to date about my novel series, and having information about the books, my short fiction, any appearances I might be making, and an easy place to sign up for my newsletter or to contact me. Welcome aboard!