Hello 2023

Happy Belated New Year! I ended 2022 with two screenings of Glass Onion, the follow-up to Knives Out. If you enjoyed the first film featuring the world’s greatest detective, Benoit Blanc, definitely catch the second, now streaming on Netflix. An eccentric billionaire and his group of friends on a sunny and luxurious Greek isle present Blanc with a twisty mystery to solve. To say more would be spoiling the fun, so I won’t.

It’s taken me a while, but A Shush Before Dying is coming together at last, and I’m having an absolute blast putting this library cozy mystery together. It’s scheduled to be published later this spring.

I am now a regular blogger at the Kill Zone, a thriller and mystery writing site. My “Words of Wisdom posts” appear every other Saturday. The next will be on 1/14.

I have ambitious plans for 2023, including writing the second novel in the Meg Booker Librarian Mysteries, writing a few mystery short stories, posting weekly here, as well as my every-other-week posts at KZB. I have a pile of mysteries to read, as well as finishing watching the classic Perry Mason and Murder She Wrote TV series with my wife.

What are your plans for this new year?

New Story Collection

I have a new book release, Rules Concerning Earthlight and Other Stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction. This story collection is a tribute to my dear friend, K.C. Ball, who passed away in 2018. 

I first met K.C. at the forum for an online writing school back in September 2009, when she was an editor guest there. I made my first story sale the next month to her magazine “10Flash Quarterly,” “Dead Wife Waiting.”

I went on to sell her more stories. After she closed the magazine down in 2011, we began co-writing stories together. This collection has all three, including the title story, “Rules Concerning Earthlight,” the Pushcart Prize nominee space opera novelette “Running Tangent,” and the fantasy-western novella, “Silver City.”

“Silver City” is appearing for the first time in this collection, which has a total of ten stories.

She influence my own writing, both as an editor, as a fellow writer offering constructive feedback, and as a co-writer. She always wanted to make the reader feel something. Her readings at conventions invariably moved the audience. If she wanted to make you laugh, you’d laugh, if she wanted to make you cry, you’d cry.

K.C. is proof that those we love live on in us.