Spice Crimes: A Fallen Empire Novel

What happens when a simple two-part cargo-hauling job with a tight deadline pays too well?

Captain Alisa Marchenko was ready to settle down to a quiet life of cargo hauling with her finance, Leonidas, her daughter and crew. Alisa’s troubles begin after the Star Nomad takes on a cargo of kitchen equipment on Baku Moon, and heads to pick up the second part of the shipment on Sherran Moon.

When the layover on Sherran Moon lasts longer than planned, the Nomad disappears out from under Alisa’s nose. With only the cyborg Leonidas and the Starseers Abelardus and Young-Hee to help her, she must find out why her ship vanished, what happened to the rest of her crew, and how the mysterious cargo ties into it all, or they’ll be stranded indefinitely.

Taking place shortly after the events in End Game by Lindsay Buroker, Spice Crimes is a rousing space adventure set in Lindsay Buroker’s exciting Fallen Empire universe.

This novel was originally published as part of the Kindle Worlds program and has been republished with the permission of Fallen Empire author and creator Lindsay Buroker.

Book Categories: Space Opera.