Renegade: The Empowered Series Prequel

How much would you sacrifice to keep your superpower?

Sixteen-year old Mathilda Brandt just discovered hers: the ability to listen to and control plant life. She will face a stark choice when the world learns about her new ability: Either put on the blue jumpsuit and become a member of the Hero Council and follow any and all orders, or forswear ever using her power for any reason.

Mat refuses both choices, deciding to keep her superpower a secret. Only some secrets can’t be kept. She goes underground, having found a hidden place where she can belong with others like herself. But if she wants a place to belong, first she must save it.

Renegade is the prequel to the Empowered series, which begins with Empowered: Agent. If you like heroes and villains that aren’t black and white, and strong female heroes, you’ll love Renegade.

Buy it and discover what happened to Mat before Empowered: Agent!

Book Categories: Fantasy and The Empowered series.