Gremlin Night: Agents of Sorcery

The supernatural world is a crazy place, and tonight it’s getting even crazier.

Elizabeth Marquez enforces the magical laws that keep the supernatural hidden. Just transferred from guarding an arcane prison back to a field assignment on the streets of America, Liz will do anything to remain a sorcerer-agent. There’s just the little problem of her supreme impatience with procedures and delays.

Tonight, a gremlin outbreak threatens to wreck her career, and expose magic and magical creatures to the world. On top of that, she’s been handed a rookie partner who thinks she’s a loose cannon. Even worse, an old nemesis from a rival magical organization is gunning for her.

One night isn’t a lot of time to stop magical chaos.

Liz is going to need every ounce of impatience she has.

Book Categories: Agents of Sorcery and Fantasy.