Empowered: Complete

I’m excited to annouce that the Empowered Complete Series collection is now out in all major eBook formats, on all the major eBook retailers, as well as platforms like Scribd. All five novels in the series, as well as the prequel Renegade and the linking story “Nullified,” which tells an episode from Mat’s time in Special Corrections, two years before the events of the first novel, Agent.

The Empowered began as a serial called Weed, back in 2012. In 2011 serialized fiction was being published on some of the online eBook platforms, including Amazon, and I was inspired to write my own, based on an idea for a novel the muse had given me. I spent months brainstorming, and then wrote three episodes, totaling about forty thousand words.

As much as I loved the idea, it didn’t work, so I put it aside for a couple of years while I worked on a six-guns and sorcery novel, The Hardscrabble. But Mathilda Brandt wouldn’t leave me alone, and in late 2015, I returned to the idea and fleshed out a new outline.

I hired a very talented editor, Mary Rosenblum (who was also a very talented, award-winning science fiction and mystery author) to story edit the novels, which proved to be a very wise decision on my part. Mary had a huge impact on the first three novels, Agent, Traitor and Outlaw. Tragically, she died while I was drafting Rebel, so she never saw the final two books.

Mathilda’s story means a lot to me, and I’m very pleased the entire series is now available in a single volume. Happy reading!


  • Nick K.

    Mr. Smith,

    Chatting with a patron named Donna and we both spoke of how we miss your presence here at Hillsdale. I directed her to this site and showed her your books. She didn’t even know you were a writer!

    Pop in and see us for Crom’s sake! We’re dying ovah here!

    • Dale

      Hey Nick! Great to hear from you! I miss you guys, too. I stopped by with Jan on Jay’s last day, but missed a lot of folks. I’ll haunt Hillsdale again soon 🙂

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