Don’t Panic

“Don’t panic” is advice from a favorite book of mine, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and applies doubly so right now, in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic. We have to be patient, as we stay-at-home, and vigilant. Those who have to go outside to work are all heroes, especially the healthcare workers and first responders, but also the delivery people and grocery and warehouse workers.

The least I can do is not panic, and I’m working on that. I even have a new fez to help me stay calm.

Words to write by, and words to live by, especially now.

I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who, and love the latest Doctor, played by Jodi Whittaker. I love her even more after this short video she did, in character, to comfort us right now.

“Brave heart,” the Fifth Doctor said, and we all need brave hearts, right now. We can do this. We really are all together, members of the enormous, raucous, strong-willed human family, brilliant in our individual and shared creativeness, passionate, caring, loving, and kindness. It’s said that patience is a virtue; right now, it’s more than that, it’s necessary, as most of us stay at home, and wait for the viral transmission to drop.

We can do this. And, even though it feels like we are alone as we do, we are altogether in this. Hang in there, and remember, don’t panic.


  • Fred

    I am not in a panic. My life goes on as it usually does. Most people ignore me – especially relatives as they are liberals, and I am conservative. Surprising that a family can be riven apart by politics, but it is what it is. I am in self isolation, as I have read my history of past pandemics and know what to do. the one time I absolutely had to go out for my medications – no one was practicing any self protection, no masks, no gloves, no using sanitary hand wipes while I was gloved and masked amongst them. Old or young, they must think they are immortal. A lot of so called “experts” say this is only the first wave of the virus, one or two more are expected. I say, despite any vaccines that may be created, this virus will be with us forever. Those that live are naturally immune. Perhaps I am wrong, but I will not bet my life on it. Best Regards,

    • Dale

      Hi Fred,

      I’m glad you’re taking care when you have to go out.
      There are now at least four different vaccine efforts underway, including a 1 billion dollar one by Johnson and Johnson, in coordination with a U.S. government agency. I think we will have a vaccine, it’s just going to take time. Meanwhile, we all need to use precautions and practice physical distancing. Take care!

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