June Update from Dale’s writing room

It’s June 1st already! I just finished the outline for the fourth and final Empowered novel, entitled [SPOILER]. Now I need to finish the third novel, Empowered: Outlaw, as well as “Dauntless,” the first tie-in story featuring Willow “Flick” Chang, who appeared in Agent and Traitor. I also just sent my cover designer the details for Book 4’s cover. Sometime this month she’ll work her magic and I’ll have the cover for the final novel.

Last month Clarissa did the cover for the tie-in short stories book, which I’ll release hopefully close to the time the final Empowered novel is released.

Meanwhile, I continue to get emails and comments from readers about my flash fiction stories “Coffee Shop Crisis” and “Silence,” with people especially wanting to see more about the life of the hero of “Coffee Shop Crisis,” and what happens to her next.

Hope you are having a great start to your summer!

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