Empowered: Traitor is published

The second novel in The Empowered series, Empowered: Traitor, is now available on Amazon. Mat’s troubles deepen as she leads a Scourge cell that uncovers nightmarish artificial life, and she must choose who to betray in order to stop a massive atrocity from happening. Thanks for reading!


  • Sarah M

    Hello! I just read through your first two books in the Empowered series (via Kindle Unlimited). Really interesting reads! I was wondering if you can say anything about the release schedule for books 3 and 4. From looking at your release dates on 0, 1, 1.5, 2, they look like they’re coming out at a pretty quick pace. Is that going to continue? Hope so!

    • Dale

      Hi Sarah!

      Glad you enjoyed the first two books! I plan on having Book 3 out in late July or early August, and then Book 4 in October. Thanks for reading!

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