Renegade is out

Renegade, the brand-new prequel novella to my series The Empowered, is now available on InstaFreebie! Get it here.

Out of billions of people, a handful possess superpowers. Sixteen-year old Mathilda Brandt just discovered hers: the ability to listen to and control plant life. For now, her being Empowered is a secret, but she will face a stark choice when the world learns about her new ability: either put on the blue jumpsuit and become a member of the Hero Council and follow any and all orders, or forswear ever using her power for any reason.

Mat refuses both choices, and instead goes underground, having found a hidden place where she can belong with others like herself. But if she wants a place to belong, first she must save it.

The novella tells the story of what happened to Mathilda after her “Empowering,” and is the story-before-the-story of Empowered: Agent, first novel in the Empowered series.

That is my other piece of news–Empowered: Agent will be published in late January! I’ve been working on this series for sometime. Book 1 is finished, Book 2 needs one finally editing pass, and Book 3 is in draft.  I’m looking forward to sharing the series with you at long last!

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