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Spice Crimes: A Fallen Empire Novel

Captain Alisa Marchenko’s latest troubles begin after the Star Nomad takes on a cargo of kitchen equipment, or so she’s told. The cargo turns out to be a highly sought after prize that mafia and pirates alike are all-too-ready to kill for.

When a layover on Sherran Moon lasts longer than planned, the Nomad disappears out from under Alisa’s nose. With only the cyborg Leonidas and the Starseers Abelardus and Young-Hee to help her, she must find out why her ship vanished, what happened to the crew, and how the mysterious cargo ties into it all, or they’ll be stranded indefinitely.

Taking place shortly after the events in End Game, Spice Crimes is a rousing space adventure set in Lindsay Buroker’s exciting Fallen Empire universe.

Buy it today and let the fun begin!

Book Categories: Space Opera.