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Goblin Day: Agents of Sorcery

Magic has laws galore–break them and, not only do you pay, you risk exposing the whole supernatural shebang to the wider world, and then you’re really in for it.

When goblins begin stealing foster children in Seattle, sorcerer-agent Elizabeth Marquez and her partner Tully have a single goblin day, thirty-six hours, to rescue the children before they are lost to the supernatural forever.

But why would goblins violate the magical laws that help them exist?

Liz and Tully must find out what’s really behind the abductions and the re-appearance of other-worldly creatures thought to be gone for good.

To do that, Liz must confront her own past failures and somehow prevent a deadly war between goblin clans.

All before this goblin day runs out.

Book Categories: Agents of Sorcery and Fantasy.