Empowered: Outlaw is out!

Empowered: Outlaw is now out! It took longer to write than I had planned or imagined. But it was worth it. Outlaw was a challenging book to write. Mathilda's story takes a dramatic turn in this book, and she discovers a shocking fact that shakes her to her core, as well as disturbing evidence that the world is not what she thought it was. Mat went through an emotional wringer in this novel, which turned out to also put me through the same wringer. I listened to the soundtracks for the television series Arrow, perfect with it's dark, moody, and at times, pulse pounding score. Disturbed's cover of "The Sound of Silence" was the anthem of the novel. Between writing sessions I switched to more uplifting music such as the soundtrack from the "Duet" musical episode of last season's Flash television series, as well as the music of 10,000 Manics, Bowling for Soup, and Spoon. Music truly made a difference. Empowered: Outlaw is the third book in The Empowered series, with one more to follow, Empowered: Rebel. It's available at these eBook retailers: Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazon AU Apple's iBooks Barnes and Noble Kobo

The opening of Empowered: Agent read aloud

You can now listen to the opening of Empowered: Agent! Benjamin Douglas reads it on his The Book Speaks Podcast, Episode 35. He also talks about me, my writing, and my take on urban fantasy. Benjamin did a great job reading, especially the exchanges between Mat and Gus. https://thebookspeakspodcast.wordpress.com/2017/11/11/episode-35-dale-ivan-smith/

Empowered: Outlaw preview

I'm excited to report that Book 3 in The Empowered series, Empowered: Outlaw, will be published in a just a few weeks! This is the penultimate book in the series, with Mathilda Brant on a quest to rescue one of her sisters. The consequences of Mat's quest turns out to be a lot more than she ever imagined. Empowered: Outlaw will be available on all the major eBook retailers. Here's a preview: the first chapter. *** Empowered: Outlaw--Chapter 1 Even inside the dark church, I could hear the trees scream in my mind as the windstorm slammed Portland. It felt like being hit with a sledgehammer. I staggered and nearly fell. Strong fingers grabbed my arm and braced me. “Shit, Mat,” Keisha hissed next to me. She kept me from falling. “That bad?” I nodded. “Hell, yeah.” The wind’s howling rose, and for an instant drowned out the screams in my head. The boarded-up windows rattled. They should have been ripped off the building by now. “Damn, but I hate windstorms,” Keisha said. I took a deep breath, trying to clear my mind. We didn’t have much time. The gangers had left the abandoned church twenty minutes ago, but the way they’d been coming and going, it wouldn't be long, even with this monster freak of a storm, before they came back. We each carried a pocket flashlight, and waved the beams around the cluttered fellowship hall. Ruth used to bring me and the twins to church when we were…

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