The true superpower

What makes a superhero? "The power they possess," you might answer. Sure, but which power? The obvious answer is the one that comes to mind: an extraordinary power like Spidey's "spider powers," Flash's super speed, or Jessica Jones's great strength. But there's another power a super hero has. Their courage. That's the power that let's them get up after being knocked down, and face the villain again, no matter how afraid they may be inside. Courage is the true super power. Firefighters and other emergency rescue folks have it. Doctors and nurses have it. Scientists have it. Inventors have it. Artists. Performers. Police have it. Soldiers have it. People fighting for justice in all walks of life have it. What do you think? Is courage the true superpower?

Goodreads Giveaway for Empowered: Agent

That's right, I'm giving away five print copies of Empowered: Agent on Goodreads! (Alas, this is only for folks who live in the U.S.) You can sign up for a chance winning a signed copy here. The last day will be July 24th. This is my first Goodreads Giveaway, and I'm really looking forward to giving away some print copies! Definitely jump in if you live in the U.S. and would like the print edition of Agent. Please share with anyone you think would appreciate having a chance at a free signed copy, too.

Empowered: Outlaw now on Goodreads

It's not out yet, but Empowered: Outlaw now has its own Goodreads page. Add it to your library, and you'll be all set to rate and review it when it becomes available later this year. The first blurb for the book is there, as well as here on this website. Minor spoiler alert :-)