Finishing the Empowered series

Last year when I published Empowered: Rebel, I'd posted here that the series was complete. Done. How wrong I was. I'd always known there was more to Mathilda's story, and had considered writing another book after Rebel. Now I realize a fifth book is not only important to the series, it's absolutely necessary. Rebel ended with so many things up in the air. The fate of Mat and her friends. What would happen to the world itself. I'd made a mistake moving on so quickly. Fortunately, Mat wouldn't leave me alone. She kept coming up to me in my imagination, and insisting I tell the rest of her story. After a few months of this, I wised up and realized I'd better do as she wanted, and got to work. I'm working on revising the first book in my second series, as well, but Empowered: Hero will be out sometime in the next several months. I'll keep you posted. After all, Mat would expect no less.

New story–Halloween Duty

Here's a new Halloween story, a prequel to my new series, when Liz was working with her first partner. Neither of them have the Halloween spirit.     Halloween Duty Dale Ivan Smith I’m Elizabeth Marquez, Sorcerer-Agent for R.U.N.E. I used to love Halloween, but after my sister and I discovered real magic and its hard consequences, I lost that love. Once upon a time All Hallow’s Eve was when the seam between the Hidden world of magic and the supernatural opened into the Everyday world, and ordinary people could readily see manifestations—especially goblins, ghosts, spooks, boggarts, and the fleeting glimpses of those manifestations showed up in far greater numbers. Not so these days. Halloween went all commercial a long time ago, and in this age of smart phones and the internet, people over the age of six didn’t have any use for Halloween except as an excuse to dress up and clown around at parties. Really, it’s a lousy holiday. People give out teeth-destroying quantities of candies to kids dressed up like pop culture superheroes, cheesy witches, and princesses. And, on top of that, the numbers showed fewer manifestations on Halloween than almost any other night of the year. But my bosses at the Regulating Union for Normalizing Enchantment still took Halloween seriously. They ordered Tomlinson and I to pull Halloween Duty. Didn’t matter that I’d asked for the night off. I had an actual date lined up, for the first time in far too long. Will was a…

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Spice Crimes is re-published!

I'm a die-hard fantasy reader and writer, but I also love space opera, especially in the mold of the Firefly and Farscape TV shows. When I learned that Lindsay Buroker's new novel series in 2016 was space opera adventure, I was there in a heart-beat. I very much enjoyed her rousing story line and her colorful characters. Then she mentioned Amazon had approached her about creating a "Kindle World" for her Fallen Empire-verse and that she was looking for writers to contribute novels for that setting. I jumped at the chance to write a novel featuring her hero Alisa Marchenko and the crew of the Star Nomad. I was inspired to create a stand-alone adventure that took place immediately after the end of her series. The story after the story, if you will. My Fallen Empire novel Spice Crimes was originally published in April 2017, along with works by nine other authors. It garnered some nice reviews, but was limited to only being available in the Amazon US store. I learned late this spring that Amazon would be closing down their Kindle Worlds program. All the many novels published in different author's settings would be taken down. As the author of Spice Crimes, I had the rights to my story and my characters, but of course Lindsay owned the rights to her characters and the setting. She wanted to see my book and the other stories and novels set in the Fallen Empire universe republished and encouraged me to do…

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