“Siloed” is now available

My latest story, "Siloed," is one of seven in the brand-new Street Spells urban fantasy anthology. My story features the hero of my upcoming series, Elizabeth Marquez, a sorcerer working for a secret agency in the modern world. She is charged with enforcing supernatural laws and protecting both people and magical creatures. Magic stalks modern streets. Werewolves and witches. Demons and elves. Street Spells compiles seven new and exclusive short stories featuring mythical beings hidden in plain sight. Aimee Easterling: "Scapegoat" Tori Centanni: "Dead Goblins and Overdue Rent" Rachel Medhurst: "Magically Hidden" Dale Ivan Smith: "Siloed" Becca Andre: "Alchemy and Destiny" N. R. Hairston: "Dirty Magic" Kat Cotton: "Run Away" Break out of jail, hunt down magical art thieves, and dabble in alchemy as you discover a new author (or seven) in this page-turning collection of paranormal shorts. Street Spells is currently free at all eBook retailers. I hope you enjoy these stories, and your introduction to Elizabeth.

Empowered: Rebel chapter 1

Empowered: Rebel, the final novel is The Empowered series will be released shortly! Here's the first chapter, as an extended teaser. Spoiler alert! If you haven't read the previous novels, you might want to hold off on reading this. Otherwise, enjoy! It's taken longer than I'd planned, but the end is finally at hand for Mat's story.     Empowered: Rebel By Dale Ivan Smith Copyright 2018 Chapter 1   The lichen covering the ruins of the ancient Greek temple outside the barrow shivered in my mind but made no sound. I crouched beside Alex beneath an ancient arched doorway. The moonlight-washed Greek columns off to our right stood like fingers reaching to the night sky. Off to the left, the Black Sea glimmered darkly beneath a waning moon. “Damn quiet,” I whispered. Even the sticky, stifling hot air was silent. No breeze, nothing. Sweat ran down my body. My black cotton A-shirt was stuck to my sides. I rubbed my palms against my camo pants, but my hands were still slick. My hair was tied back in a ponytail and felt limp from the freaking humidity. I never thought I’d travel here, to the Kerch Peninsula, in the freaking Crimea. Alex nodded, scanning the grass field beyond the barrow. Behind us, the Dark-Net node had closed. Past the temple ruins the field sloped up to a crest. The Crimean Reclamation Zone was just beyond that crest. That was why we’d just traveled the crazy Fairy Road through the Dark-Net.…

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Finishing The Empowered and other news

It's been a long time coming, but I'm now revising Empowered: Rebel, and will be sending it off my beta readers shortly. Wrapping up The Empowered series has been a journey in itself. Mathilda has come a long way since Renegade, when her sixteen-year old self first discovered her superpower and tried to run away from the world. She spent five years in Special Corrections working to keep her nose clean and be paroled. Paroled on her twenty-first birthday, she wanted nothing more to do with the Empowered, but of course, the world wouldn't let her live a normal life. She was maneuvered into working for a secretive government agency and ordered to infiltrate a dangerous super villain group. Now, in the final book, she learns the truth behind the Empowered and the source of super powers, and fights to save her friends and family and the world itself. Empowered: Rebel will be released on June 20th. Along with that, I'm writing "Dynamo," a short story about Alex Sanchez, one of Mat's controllers in Support who becomes much more over the course of the four novels. After this will be my new urban fantasy series, as well as a novel about Zoe Steele, the "almost ex-super villain" of my flash fiction story, "Coffee Shop Crisis." I've received many emails and comments about my writing more about Zoe. I surveyed my reader group a little back about this and the majority of respondents want to read a novel about her. Recently…

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