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Dead Wife Waiting

Eight years ago this month, my first story sale, "Dead Wife Waiting," appeared in K.C. Ball's 10Flash Quarterly. I met K.C. when she was the editor guest at the Long…

What I published in 2017

The first three Empowered novels, Empowered: Agent, Empowered: Traitor and Empowered: Outlaw, were all published in 2017. Whew! It was a busy, eventful year for me. Agent was released on…

Empowered: Outlaw is out!

Empowered: Outlaw is now out! It took longer to write than I had planned or imagined. But it was worth it. Outlaw was a challenging book to write. Mathilda's story…

About Me

I love writing and reading fantasy and science fiction, and also enjoy watching fantasy and SF movies and TV shows. I love gaming of all kinds--board games, RPGs, video games.

In grade school, I got into trouble for sneaking off to the school library during class, so naturally I ended up working for Oregon's largest public library system.

I married my high school sweetheart and we have two large tiger tabby cat brothers who rule our house.