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A flash fiction tribute to the Wizard of Oz

Flying monkeys are a favorite of mine, ever since I saw them in the Wizard of Oz. I even own a flying monkey fez (shown at left), perfect for when…

“Nullified” is now available

"Nullified," a linking story set between Renegade, the Empowered series prequel novella, and Empowered: Agent, is now available at this site. Sign up for my mailing list and you'll receive…

Coffee Shop Crisis revisited

When I was working on an early version of the Empowered series, I did a few practice writing riffs. One of them featured a snarky ex-super-villain having an afternoon date…

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I love writing fantasy novels, as well as reading, watching and gaming fantasy and science fiction of all kinds. I'm also a librarian for Oregon's largest public library system.

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