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Empowered: Outlaw now on Goodreads

It's not out yet, but Empowered: Outlaw now has its own Goodreads page. Add it to your library, and you'll be all set to rate and review it when it…

June Update from Dale’s writing room

It's June 1st already! I just finished the outline for the fourth and final Empowered novel, entitled [SPOILER]. Now I need to finish the third novel, Empowered: Outlaw, as well…

Surprise novel release!

I'm back from being a guest at last weekend's Norwescon scifi convention, which is held annually in Seattle over Easter weekend. I gave a reading, moderated two panels, and helped…

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I love writing fantasy novels, as well as reading, watching and gaming fantasy and science fiction of all kinds. I'm also a librarian for Oregon's largest public library system.

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