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The Empowered Series Going “Wide”

My big news this time is The Empowered series is being published on other stores. Renegade, the Empowered prequel novella, and Empowered: Agent are both now available on other stores! Empowered: Traitor…

Bonus deleted scene-Empowered: Agent’s original opening

Empowered: Agent originally had a different opening, earlier, when Mat was still in Special Corrections. The novel worked better beginning later, with her already outside and struggling to hang on…

The true superpower

What makes a superhero? "The power they possess," you might answer. Sure, but which power? The obvious answer is the one that comes to mind: an extraordinary power like Spidey's…

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I love writing fantasy novels, as well as reading, watching and gaming fantasy and science fiction of all kinds. I'm also a librarian for Oregon's largest public library system.